Merging the Digital and Physical Worlds

The New Gold Standard in Marketing

Digital2Doorstep™ is the first and only marketing-technology service of its kind. Powered by our advanced big-data analytics platform InsiderData360™, Digital2Doorstep™ has the ability to identify who is coming to your website as well as what that person or business is interested in. This ability allows us to Hyper-Target the audience that is most likely to convert. This new level of hyper-targeting is backed by the most recent neuromarketing studies. Pairing digital traffic with tangible, creative, direct mail, Digital2Doorstep™ cuts marketing costs and increases their returns, while requiring minimal effort from you, the business owner.

How Digital2Doorstep™ Works

  • 1. An interested prospect visits your website

    Like 81% of all buyers, Joe starts his buying journey by visiting your website. He has intent and interest in buying your product or service!

  • 2. The visitor & their interests are then identified

    Digital2Doorstep is able to identify who Joe is as well as recognize his intent and interest by analyzing the content he was viewing.

  • 3. A custom tailored mailing is created & sent to the visitor

    Digital2Doorstep then takes that information and sends Joe a tailored mailing targeting the service or product he seems most interested in.

  • 4. The prospect receives the mailing & is delighted

    Joe is surprised and pleased to see a custom mailing offer that has been personalized to him. This is super cool, who does this?! You do.

  • The prospect decides to redeem your offer with a call or visit

    Joe is so delighted that he decides your company rocks, and takes you up on the offer. He is now a happy customer and you're a happier business owner.

Why Digital2Doorstep™?


Pairing neuromarketing statistics* with Digital2Doorstep’s ability to identify a person or business’s interest and deliver them a tailored, creative mailer, makes Digital2Doortsep the new gold standard in marketing!

21% less

Direct mail campaigns require less cognitive effort to process than digital ads.

70% higher

Recipient recall is greater if they are exposed to direct mail rather than a digital ad.

20% higher

Activation in parts of the brain that correspond to motivation response is higher for direct mail.

*A Bias for Action: The neuroscience behind the response-driving power of direct mail. Canada Post. July 31, 2015. Published by the  

Hyper-Targeted Mail Creates Real-World Impact

Here is how Hyper-Targeted stacks up to Digital Ads and traditional Direct Mail.

Digital Ads Direct Mail Hyper-Targeted Mail
Pricing based on Competition & Clicks Geolocation Region Affordable Price Options
The Exposure is … Oversaturated 50/50 Interest Interested Prospects
Typical Conversion Rate 2-4% 2-6% 3-5 Times of Direct Mail
Touch Point Approach First Touch First Touch Last Touch
Can Be Segmented by Geolocation

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